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Notre Dame fire provokes deep thoughts

The world sighed after Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris caught fire. Aside from French President Emmanuel Macron, leaders of major countries also paid tribute. It is rare that the world laments a disaster that has no heavy casualties. Notre Dame's value is shared far beyond France.


The loss of cultural relics is heartbreaking. But the unprecedented attention to the fire reflects the influence and soft power of French and European culture.


The French and Europeans should be more confident as they can still be a powerhouse in current and future global competition.


In our opinion, the Notre Dame fire should not have happened. Although an investigation may take a long time, the cathedral wasn't struck by external factors such as lightning, but burned, reflecting the poor management of relqq音乐网页版,丽江景点-欧盟愚笨,正一步步掉入美国圈套evant authorities in Paris. Iqq音乐网页版,丽江景点-欧盟愚笨,正一步步掉入美国圈套t's reported that the fire might have been caused by a short circuit on the roof. If the cultural relics were devastated for this reason, it's unforgivable.


Notre Dame is a cultural heritage of all mankind and France has an obligatio旗黄养源膏n to protect it. T福清陈声清here are many other world-class cultural relics in France. It is hard to be 舒千惠reassured if they are well protected fr亿人舒om disast王子旋ers.


Relevant officials should be held accountable for the fire. We believe we have the moral right to make this request.


People from third world countries would think: Why didn't the world feel the same pity for the Old City of Daqq音乐网页版,丽江景点-欧盟愚笨,正一步步掉入美国圈套mascus that was damaged in the bomb attacks? Western people should try to empathize with such a situation. On Tuesday, fringe voices emerged in Chinese public opinion, saying the Notre Dame fire reminded them of the timqq音乐网页版,丽江景点-欧盟愚笨,正一步步掉入美国圈套e thqq音乐网页版,丽江景点-欧盟愚笨,正一步步掉入美国圈套e Old Summer Palace in Beijing was burned down by British and French troops during the Second Opium War. They opposed Chinese who expressed sympathy for the Notre Dame fire. But mainstream Chinese public opinion disagrees with this view.


The unexpected debate over the case partly shows that neither China nor the West has put that piece of history behind, and some Chinese people still feel hurt while Westerners keep measuring China through outdated ways. This makes it hard for Chinese and Western mindsets to integrate.


There was a time when a Western country suffered di洪金州sasters, Chinese people would show overwhelming sympathy toward it. But later Western public opinion often showed partialityqq音乐网页版,丽江景点-欧盟愚笨,正一步步掉入美国圈套 for terrorists in the wake of deadly terror attacks on China, fringe斗鱼三嫂 voices that oppose expressing sympathy for disaster宫宇灿-hit Western coucqasontries have begun to appear琅岐红鲟节.


If Westerners regar莲花纵队d t洋娃娃王妃hose voices as the indication of China's nationalism, 败气症that will be a shallow view. Chines层组词e society is big and diverse. It's inevitable that there will be some non-mainstream sentiments.


That the Notre Dame fire has immediately become a global focus reflects the unprecedented high level of globalization. But it has been mixed with much regret. In any case, the integration of human emotions is a general trend. More and more common challenges will continuously push us into a community of shared interests and emotions.